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Jay Johnson

Washington State

Original  Owner of from March 2000 to January 2012

Editor - The Suzuki Cavalcade Newsletter

Founder / Owner - Northwest Motorcycle Tours

Jay is a Moderator of Cavalcade_USA

Charter Member* - Cavalcade_USA (1999)

Bob Ramsey


Founder / Owner - Cavalcade_USA  (4/99)

Founder / Owner - CavalcadeUSA Chat Room (no longer in use)

Original Webmaster & builder of

Dennis & Sharon


New York

Dennis is a Moderator of Cavalcade_USA

Charter Members* - Cavalcade_USA  since 1999

Kenn  &

Donna  Gibbs

New York

Kenn is a Moderator of Cavalcade_USA

Charter Member* - Cavalcade_USA  since 1999

Kenn's Alias - KennG

Donna's Alias - DonnaD

Tracy Presnell

New Owner of effective January 1, 2012

Charter Member* - Cavalcade_USA  since 1999

Developer of the Cavalcade Shop Manual on CD.

Developer of several after-market products for the Cavalcade.

Tracy's Cavalcade products are more up-to-date than his clothing.

Nancy & Larry



Nancy is: 

Founder / Owner - Cavalcade_Ladies Email Group

Nancy's Alias' - Nurse Ratchet & Motherwind

Larry's Alias - Grubfodder

Charter Members* - Cavalcade_USA since 1999

Don't be surprised if they show up at your house on their Suzuki Cavalcade

Neal Nelson

New Jersey

Member - Cavalcade_USA  since July 2001

Greg Jones


Alias - Spike JonesMember - Cavalcade_USA   since 2000

Hernan Pereira

Costa Rica 

Central America

Member - Cavalcade_USA since August 2001

Bob & Carol Lashua


Charter Members* - Cavalcade_USA since 1999

Brian Ogrisek


Alias': SumoCader, Griz,  & Brog
Home Page:  http://www.ogrisek.comCharter Member* - Cavalcade_USA since 1999

Tom & Jeanie Harris

South Carolina

Charter Members* - Cavalcade_USA  since 1999

Camille & Gerry Waldron

New York

Charter Members* - Cavalcade_USA since1999

Jerry Molitor


Alias - HeyJerr

Charter Member* - Cavalcade_USA since1999

Dan Haley


Alias - Thunderbat86lxMember - Cavalcade_USA  since September 2000

Stephen  & Judy Baker

Members - Cavalcade_USA  since February 2001

Also members of: 

Wings of Phoenix

Just Friends

HOG 83

Bob Tooker

New Jersey

Charter Member* - Cavalcade_USA  since1999

Red Barber


Member - Cavalcade_USA since September 2001

Jim & Carolyn Everett


Members - Cavalcade_USA since August 2002

Wojo Walczak

Washington State

Member - Cavalcade_USA since April 2001

Dave & Ronnie Hebblethwaite

United Kingdom

Webmaster of UK Suzuki Cavalcade Club Members - Cavalcade_USA since October 9, 2001

* Charter Members are any members that comprised the original group

during the first year (4/99 to 4/00)