What Are The Chances Of This Happening?

I live in Northeast Ohio, just south of Cleveland.  It was around 1989 when I
decided to take a trip to Niagara Falls on my ’87 Cavalcade, just for a day ride.  It was pretty hot that day, so I had my jacket in the trunk.  

I was coming back into the U.S. and was answering the obligatory questions from the border patrol, when the officer asked me where I lived;  how long I was in Canada; and what I was doing.  I’m sure he wasn’t a motorcyclist, because he didn’t like my “just riding around” answer, because he replied to it by saying, “You drove all the way up here from Ohio just to ride around?”   I told him, “yes,” but I could see on his face he didn’t believe me, so he asked for my driver’s license. 

I knew he was doing this just to irritate me and it was working.  All my ID was in my jacket, in the trunk, so I shut the bike off, got off, took my helmet off, opened the trunk and dug through my jacket to find my wallet in the chest pocket. 

The officer glanced at it and said, “Ok, you can go.”  I opened my trunk back up, threw my wallet in and headed for home.  As I was driving through NY,  it started to get a little chilly, so I stopped along the side of the road to put my jacket on.

Once I got home, I got a call from one of my co-workers and he asked, “Hey, did you lose your wallet today?”  I said, “no”, and he said “are you sure”?  I said “well, pretty sure, but you obviously know something I don’t, so let me go out in the garage and look”. 

I opened the trunk and searched everywhere but it wasn’t there.  I got back on the phone and my co-worker told me that a truck driver had called him and said he had my wallet and he’d be calling me later that night.

Around 7pm the phone rang and it was the truck driver.  He said he had found my wallet and saw my business card in it and called the place I worked.  He was from Alabama and was driving through NY when he stopped along the road and happened to find my wallet.  I thanked him and was trying to decide if I could get him to mail it to me, when he asked where I lived.  I told him just South of Cleveland and he asked if I knew where I-71 was.  Sure, it was about 3 miles from my house.  He said he was taking a load to Cincinnati, Ohio and was going from I-90 into Cleveland, Ohio and then South on I-71 to Cincinnati.

He asked where he could meet me and I told him at the Rt. 303 exit in Brunswick, Ohio.  He said he would call me back when he got into Cleveland and that would give me time to get to the 303 exit.

He called and I left to go meet him, all the while thinking that this is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me.  I got to the exit and stopped and waited.  About 15 minutes later a semi pulled off the road and stopped.  I got out of my car and went up to his window and he handed me my wallet.  It was a leather wallet that had gravel dents in it, from people obviously running over it before the trucker found it.  I thanked him and asked what his name and address was, so I could send him a gift for his kindness.  He said he didn’t return it to get a reward, he just returned it because he knew I needed it. 

I finally coaxed the information out of him and sent him a check and a note to thank him again.  I wished I would have saved his information so I could thank him again some time but I didn’t.  I’m sure the truck driver has no idea that what he did that day restored my faith in human kindness and it’s something I’ll never forget. 

Wherever you are. Thanks again!!