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Air Compressor Is Weak

Question:  It would appear that my air compressor is not as capable of “pumping me up” as well as it used to.  Is there a rebuild kit available? ~Sparkz Answer:  I


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The articles below are printable in black and white.

Air Compressor Is Weak  It will pump air, but doesn't work like it used to.

Air In Clutch / Brake Lines - How to bleed your lines.

Batteries - A discussion and some good information

Bike Will Not Start.  The battery is good, but the engine will not crank.

Changing The Clutch Safety Switch - associated article with "Bike Will Not Start"

Brake Noise? - Some advice from  CUSA members on maintaining and changing brake pads.

Brake Parts? - Read about how a CUSA member replaced some vital brake parts, with new parts that are available for other motorcycles, including rotors, master cylinders, steel brake lines, etc.

Coolant - How to change the coolant and some good advice.

Bike Is Unstable & Hard To Handle.  Wobbles while riding or is unstable.

Brake Lock - What to do if your brakes lock and will not release.

Carburetor Adjustments - If you are determined to do it yourself, read this.

Clutch Problems - Some Frequently Asked Questions

Cruise Control Problems - The cruise control does not work.

Emergency Tips & information on Lights, Stators & Connections

Fuel Information - What's The Deal With All That Octane?  (A discussion from a CUSA member, Tracy Presnell

Headlight Adjustment - Having trouble seeing the road?  This may help.

Heater?  The Cavalcade has a HEATER? - How to turn it off and on

Hitch Pin  Read and see how Gary Fairfield set up the hitch-pin on his Cavalcade

Ignition Problems?  How do you know?  Read this open E-mail from a CUSA Member

Mirror  My Vanity mirror is broken (inside the touring box)

Moving Handlebars  You can move your handlebars for greater control.

Oil Viscosity - Here's an oil test and information about motorcycle oils

Motorcycle Oils vs. Automotive Oils - Lots of questions answered here

Oil Seals for the gearbox - Here is some good information and advice.

Overheating  My Cavalcade seems to run hot, or the fan keeps kicking on.

Radio Will Not Change Channels Or Other Problems 

Do it yourself Instructions - by Tracy Presnell

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Radio & Other Things - Good information about changing the lithium battery in your Clarion radio, plus some part numbers

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CB Radio Will Not Hold Channel Memory   Information located at bottom of page.

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After-market Accessories  Intercom, CB add-ons, Antenna add-on for CB.  This is all after-market information.

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CB Antenna   Finally, an after-market CB antenna for your Cavalcade.

Regulator / Rectifier - After-market, discussion and good information

Regulator / Rectifier - Poor connections can lead to problems.  Tracy Presnell shows you how to perform an important maintenance task.

Spark Plugs - Here is what the members of CUSA are using.

Spark Plug Problems? - A great chart with color pictures.  Learn to "read" your plugs.

Speedometer - Greasing the speedometer drive

Stator Problems?  Rewind it yourself, with these instructions.

Tires - My Experience - by Don Sellers - Added 7/7/00

Vent Cables Sticking?  Read this advice from  members of CUSA.

Windshields - Would you like to make one?  Here's how.

Wheel Bearings

Front Wheel Bearings - How to grease the front wheel bearings

Rear Wheel Bearings - How to grease the rear wheel bearings

Spacer - Checking the rear wheel bearing / spacer

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