Our Cade Raid for 2020 will feature a national American monument that is on everyone’s bucket list, Mount Rushmore. The dates will be September 14-18. This will give a full weekend to those needing the time to journey to South Dakota and another one for their return home.

There are more attractions than can be fully experienced in just five days. But, we have planned the following to maximize the event.

 1. Our lodging will be near the town of Sturgis, South Dakota, the site of the biggest motorcycle rally in the world. We will be there a month later. So without the 100,000 motorcycles of Bike Week, we can ride the area easily. Our afternoon ride will also include the spectacular Spearfish Canyon road.

2. Mount Rushmore National Park is an hour ride and we will take the day Tuesday to appreciate this tribute to the American Presidency. We will view the statues of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln carved into the sides of Mount Rushmore. We will visit the historic museum there and ride the wonderful mountain roads of the Black Hills.

3. Chief Crazy Horse Monument is our destination for Wednesday morning. The carving of this mountain into a tribute for the native peoples of North America is about half way done. We will not see its completion in our lifetime. But, we can see all the progress of the last 60+ years and view the models of the final vision for the future.

4. Wednesday afternoon and evening we will visit Fort Hays. This community of Old West historic recreation features the actual sets used in the filming of the movie “Dances With Wolves”. They have been turned into a living museum which draws thousands of visitors every year. That evening we will treat ourselves to an Old West dinner featuring steaks, chicken, baked beans and more while we enjoy a live show of music and comedy.

5. Devil’s Tower National Monument will be our destination for Thursday. Our route will be through the mountain country into the state of Wyoming. Riding around this natural wonder will be another check off on our collective bucket lists.

6. Plans for Friday include our Farewell Dinner. This evening event will be at the Holiday Inn in Spearfish, SD. It is a ten-minute ride from The Iron Horse Inn. We always feature the questionable talents of our group in our attempts to entertain each other. It is the perfect conclusion of a perfect week of motorcycle experiences.

7. The Cavalcade Store will be open every day at our Cade Raid venue, The Iron Horse Inn, in Whitewood, South Dakota. We hope to have the usual features of the raid including classes, the spouses and passengers social and rider training classes.

Websites for the 2020 Cade Raid will give you a preview of what is waiting for us in the Black Hills of South Dakota:

Iron Horse Inn ~ Cade Raid Lodging, Registration and Store:

Holiday Inn ~ Upscale Lodging & Farewell Dinner:

Mount Rushmore Memorial Park:

Chief Crazy Horse Monument:

Fort Hays Old West Town & Dinner Show

Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming: