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CD – Are you looking for the Shop Manual and Parts Manual on CD?

Tracy’s Online Cavalcade Store is HERE

Get your Suzuki Cavalcade Patches HERE

Cavalcade Screen Saver  for your computer

Screen Saver

This is the Suzuki Cavalcade Screen Saver that you've heard everyone talking about.  Watch as the Cavalcades roll by on your screen.  Created by Greg Toennies, a CUSA member.


This is another Cavalcade site based in Belgium.  The site is mostly in Danish, but Cavalcade-Yves is busy translating it into English for those who don't speak Danish.

This is another European Cavalcade Club.  For more information, you can contact

There is now a Suzuki Cavalcade Club in Finland.   Juha Heinonen has done a good job putting his Website together.

Check out the Website for our Cavalcade friends in The Netherlands.  Good information here.

Test your Swedish.  This Website is in Swedish, but contains a lot of information.  Check it out!



This site has the best motorcycle roads in the U.S. listed in it's database.  You can also submit information about a road that is not listed.  Just click on the U.S. map.  Check it out.

This site gives information about the helmet laws in each of the 50 United States.  The views at their site seem to be against mandatory helmet laws.  Sometimes their statements make you wonder if they wear helmets at all.  *( recommends the use of D.O.T. approved helmets.)

Motorcycle Safety Around the World A map of motorcycle safety and motorcycle training sources around the world.

Are you wanting to buy a Suzuki Cavalcade?  Follow the link below to see what Trader Online has to offer this week.  You might find the deal of your life-time.

This site has much to offer to the motorcycle enthusiast.  Quite a few brands are listed, plus sections featuring clothing, restoration and more.

This is a motorcycle information resource, with a "brand specific" links page.  There is a lot of general information about motorcycles here.   You will enjoy looking around this site.

If anyone has an interest, there is a good article on oils located at the GS Resources website.   It compares a number of oils, including Amsoil (my personal favorite).   ~Jay

This Site is mainly a BMW Site, but it has lots of information about tours worldwide.  Just click on the different continents, listed across the top of their opening page.