Cavalcade - Fountain Of Youth?

by Alvin Taylor

Hi all, I have had my Cade for a little over a year now and I have found it such a rewarding experience, that I would love to share it with my group.

Through out the season as I ride my Cade, I find my total peace when I’m riding at night, on a nice stretch of highway, on a clear night, to where the stars are shinning bright.  As I’m watching the road, I have this strong feeling to steal a peek at the stars.  As I look up to the heavens, the feeling of peace becomes even stronger.  I draw in a deep breath before I put my attention back to the road. 

I glance down at the gauges of my Cade.  Incased in the soft green background lights are the instruments of my bike telling me that “everything is OK, my temp is fine my gas is good and the only red light that I am showing you, is that you have me on cruise.”

“So, enjoy your moment of peace.  You have taken very good care of me in the year
that we have been together.  This is the least I can do for you.”  

As I continue down the road on this star lit night, making my way for home,  I find myself putting my arm into the wind rotating my hand (as kids would do in cars), so the wind will take my arm high and low.  The feeling of youth, freedom and peace, all with just a short night ride.  I wish I had known that a touring bike could give me these feelings years ago.  However, I know this now and I’m going to embrace it every chance I get.

To the others members in the group (CUSA), share your feelings of riding your bike.  I’m sure I can’t be alone on how I feel.  I would like to hear from the pilots, as well as the co-pilots.  Thanks for listening.

Alvin Taylor