Ignition Problems? How Do You Know?

Thanks for the timely reply Eugene. Something to consider here that I wasn’t aware of is that there may be a difference between the LX and the LXE switch.  The parts book shows two numbers for the indicated switch without explaining the difference.  My switch has 8 wires exiting it […]

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Air Compressor Is Weak

Question:  It would appear that my air compressor is not as capable of “pumping me up” as well as it used to.  Is there a rebuild kit available? ~Sparkz Answer:  I had the same problem with the compressor on my 86 LXE last year.  I took the head off the compressor […]

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What’s the Deal with all of that Octane?

Okay folks, here’s the skinny: High octane fuel doesn’t necessarily make any more horsepower than lower octane fuel, when put into the same motor.  In fact, the problem that was described that was supposedly “fixed” with a higher octane fuel was probably a case of inferior lower octane fuel that […]

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