A Bike That Called To Me!

by Scott A Balderrama

I hadn’t ridden in a couple of years but with the recent gas prices, a new promotion and the fact I was driving over 90 miles one way to work on a daily basis rather than twice a week now, I knew a bike was the answer which left me with the question of “What do I want to buy?”.

I had never heard of a Cavalcade but I did know that having to ride in with slacks and a shirt everyday some kind of touring machine was going to be my answer.  After hitting eBay, the cycle trader and the local newspaper I knew I had a search on my hands.  Then I read the name Cavalcade somewhere looked it up and I thought wow!  Nice bike!  Good size!  And knew nothing more about other than what I read on a few online advertising campaigns.  So I hit eBay again with something a little more specific in mind.

After seeing a couple of Cades I found a nicely dressed one in Albuquerque .  I had my money in the bank saw one I liked the looks of and bid.  The guy ended the auction early, somebody locally bought.  What a bummer I thought!  2 days later it was back on eBay again so I bid again!  AGAIN!  The auction ended early again!   CRAP!  I was really frustrated and I just felt like that bike was calling to me.  So I continued to search.  2 days later THE BIKE WAS BACK ON EBAY FOR THE THIRD TIME!  OK I was a little apprehensive this time.  I kept asking myself what’s wrong with this bike?  So after a few more emails with the owner and one saying “Do you think I will get it this time?”  He sold it to me outright and I made my plans to retrieve it.

That bike hadn’t been ridden in awhile so I wasn’t going to fly in and ride it home.  I went to Uhaul and got me a trailer and headed for that famous right turn.  After all this bike came back up 3 times, it was calling to me!!!!!  After pushing the pickup all day from the Dallas area I was there, tired but happy to see my bike.  I was much more impressed to see all the bells and whistles it had!!  I had never seen a bike that was built so much with the idea of comfort, ease and an open road.  So I loaded it up on the trailer and headed back to Dallas .

The ride home was miserable!!!  In that time I had 2 tractor trailers impounded down by the Mexican border, one wrecked and I couldn’t get away from my cell phone to pull this bike off the trailer and take it for a ride.

I got it home pulled it down and had to leave it there for 2 days before I had time to get on it and you talk about chomping on a bit like a 2 year colt!  Finally I was going to have half a day to put in this bike and Lord help me if any driver called me with a problem I was going to reach through the phone!

After replacing a mirror (Which I must say Suzuki is VERY proud of at $134.00.), a battery and an oil change I was firing it up to get a couple of hours on it and ride it into work.  WOW talk about a ride!  7 and a half years I have never called in sick and I did that day!  I put 233 miles on the bike and wanted more even after not riding anything in years.  I am in love and loving it!!!

By the way my wife whom said she would NEVER get on a bike loves to take Sunday rides with me.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story about a Cade that called to me Scott A Balderrama