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Suzuki Cavalcade

This website is an outreach of the Suzuki Cavalcade Owners Group. Founded in 1999, this group has grown to over 1,000 owners around the world. We are building the content of this site to contain complete information and resources on the subject of the Suzuki Cavalcade. We are working to make this site interactive. So, if you have content you would like added to this site, please email it to Jay Johnson, co-founder of the group.
Additionally, this owners’ group organizes and hosts a rally every year called a Cade Raid. On even years we have a national rally for all of North America which includes rides, repair and maintenance demonstrations, parties and entertainment.

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Connect live with other Cavalcade owners and friends to chat about motorcycle matters in real time, especially regarding the Cavalcade. Please do not be rude or discuss religion or politics.

Cavalcade Store

We have a Cavalcade Store where you can buy and sell Cade parts, accessories and apparel. Click the links on this page for details and a registration form.
In odd years we have both East Coast and West Coast Cade Raids. Information will be posted on this website as it becomes available.
If you find this website to be a valuable resource, please consider supporting it with a donation of any amount
All funds that are raised through Cade Raid registrations, product sales and donations go toward Cade Raid expenses and the cost of maintaining this website. For more information email

Members, what our organization can do for individual owners. We could finish this off with a low key request for financial support.

Each Member contributing $100.00 will receive a beautifully crafted Suzuki Cavalcade Lapel Pin dated 2019 / 2020 free.
Each Member contributing $200.00 will receive 2 beautifully crafted Suzuki Cavalcade Lapel Pins dated 2019 / 2020 free.

If your financial position allows a gift of $400.00 or more, you will receive 2 beautifully crafted SuzukiCavalcade Lapel Pins and a superb piece of artwork, a Suzuki Cavalcade LXE lovingly detailed on Canvas, all shipped to you with our thanks.

We are truly the lone wolves of the Highway – The Suzuki Cavalcade is the Greatest Touring Motorcycle ever made.

All the folks herein wish all of you and your families a Happy New Year and the Very Best for 2020. Peter Purcell

Please support the Club that has always supported you now we need Yours!



September 13-17,2021
~The Baymont Inn & Suites, Sturgis, South


See how we care for our Suzuki Cavalcade


Jay Johnson

When I was growing up, the foremost thing my Mother taught me against, was ever riding a motorcycle.


Alvin Taylor

hrough out the season as I ride my Cade, I find my total peace when I’m riding at night, on a nice stretch of highway,



Check here for information on all Cavalcade questions. If you don’t find what you need, just post your question here for our experts and they will reply. Please do not post religious or political comments.